A Short Note on Silk

We will update the column of the authentic Japanese silk here.

Aug.26,2016 UPDATE

In summer, we get sweaty by stepping out and standing in front of a gas cooker for cooking. However, even in this season, we can lead a pleasant life by choosing a cloth of cool wear.

The King of Natural Fiber Being More Developed

The fiber of silk, a creature by a silkworm spinning, is coated by a kind of protein called “silk protein”. Since this protein has an enormous number of holes with air, silk is smooth and provides light touch to the skin. It also absorbs sweat quickly and releases excessive moisture for its excellent moisture absorbing/releasing characteristic. This prevents germs from breeding and the skin can be kept clean. Furthermore, the constituent called “fibroin” contained in silk can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. Those show silk is exactly perfect fabric for summer.

Calendar of Kimono

As you can see, silk is the cloth material with a lot of outstanding features. In terms of quality, the raw silk is demanded no nep and uniformly thickness, for dying and weaving to make a silk product. Japan had depended on the imported raw silk of “6A” showing the highest-grade in recent years, however, the Silk Science Research Institute in Tokyo developed the machine to reel such high-grade raw silk inside Japan. With this technology and cocoons made in Japan, the institute established the brand “Shinjuku Silk”. They will make authentic Japanese silk products of this brand from now on. Japanese silk, it is widely used in daily scene and we are proud of the highest quality as a fiber material. We can enjoy the products not only in summer but also through a year.

What is Shinjuku Silk

“Shinjuku Silk” is the high-grade raw silk reeled by using cocoons made in Japan and the UE Automatic Reeling Machine. The name “Shinjuku Silk” is originated that the Silk Science Research Institute, a founder of this brand, is located in Sinjuku, Tokyo.

*UE means Universal and Excellent.

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