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Apr.28,2016 UPDATE

四季にあわせた 粋なきものの選びかた

Dressed in Kimono, we are sensitive to changes of the seasons. We choose the most appropriate fabric, color, and pattern of Kimono according to the season. In February, the season can be said as the end of winter and the beginning of spring, what kind of Kimono should we choose?

Wear Kimono and express the feeling, waiting for spring

In Japan, the seasons change vividly and the custom of changing clothes by seasons has been established since long ago. For Kimono, people wear “Hitoe”, a single layer of Kimono with no lining, in June and September. “Usumono”, made of thin cloth giving a feel of transparency for midsummer is dressed in July and August. From October to May, we choose a type of “Awase”, a lined Kimono. Furthermore, Hitoe has Haru-Hitoe ( for spring ) and Aki-Hitoe ( for autumn ), and Awase is divided into Ume ( plum ) -Awase, Haru ( spring ) -Awase, Aki ( autumn ) - Awase, and Fuyu ( winter ) - Awase. We could know how Japanese people are sensitive to the seasons from these various types of Kimono fabrics. Although in our tradition, February is thought as spring, it is still cold. You can choose Awase and protect yourself against cold with coat or stole. Enjoy the end of winter with warm fabrics, and do not forget to choose warm colors and patterns of spring-like taste.

Calendar of Kimono

Calendar of Kimono

Until the beginning of February, you can wear the Kimono, patterns of leaves and branches loaded with snow, such as a pine and camellia. The patterns express of vital energy of the leaves and branches bearing the weight of snow and then bouncing the snow back, and of people’s mind to wait for spring. As the common sense in wearing Kimono, being ahead of the season can be thought as stylish. For example, in the last half of February, wear the Kimono with patterns of peach blossom or rape blossom that starts to bloom in March. How about enjoying Kimono, best for the season awaiting upcoming spring.

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